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Discussion Thread: NBC News: President Donald Trump Town Hall - 10/15/2020 | Live - 8:00pm ET

Good evening, and welcome to politics' coverage of the NBC News: President Donald Trump Town Hall!
Tonight's town hall with President Donald J. Trump (R) will feature a conversation between Trump and a group of Florida voters, will be moderated by Savannah Guthrie and is hosted by the Pérez Art Museum in Miami, FL.
The town hall is scheduled for one hour, and will feature questions, on a variety of topics, directly from Florida voters.
As a precaution against COVID-19, the town hall will take place outdoors at the Pérez Art Museum in accordance with guidelines set forth by health officials and consistent with all government regulations.Both Guthrie and the president will be at least 12 feet apart from each other and the audience. The audience will also be socially distanced and required to wear masks, answer a symptoms questionnaire and take a temperature check before entering the outdoor venue. Every NBC News staffer will be tested on site in Miami.source
Both candidates have agreed to participate in the third debate, which is scheduled for Oct. 22 and will be moderated by Kristen Welker of NBC News.
The town hall will begin at 8:00pm ET. You can watch live online on:
You can also follow online via
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Vision symptoms

I've had vision symptoms since after the confinement. I'm not sure if they were linked or not with COVID (I don't know if I was infected) or another viral infection, but it seems they roughly coincided with a time where I felt a bit of a flu-like symptom (relatively normal for me, I get those kind of symptoms every year)
I've always had dry eyes (working a lot on the computer), and had a relatively mild astigmatism (seeing kind of ok without glasses during the day, but needed them for anything backlit like working on the computer. I remember I could use my smartphone mostly fine), and I would be just fine driving or going through the city without glasses. Now things are relatively blurry at a distance, even text that I feel I would have had no difficulty reading days or weeks before the symptoms started.
What started was having the impression of a small light disc on the side of my vision in both eyes, when looking quite far on the side, and sometimes kind of "rings" around it. I got my eyes checked multiple times, I had a diagnostic of a PAMM, but it was in one eye and not in both, although I am seeing the small light disc in both eyes when looking to the corresponding side.
Then I remember distinctly that my vision started to degrade, like seeing more blurry, and needing my glasses all the time to read, and also a lot of floaters suddenly. I now have a lot of "light remanence" when looking at a light source I see it for a long time when looking away, and in general, any dark shape on light background, or dark shape on light background, is going to "pop out", and I'm going to see a halo of the phantom shape when I move my eyes.
I've also had black spots appear on the white surfaces in the morning, or sometimes when I wake up at night, and sometimes the "phantom shapes" moving around objects, after I feel a bit like I've been woken. I've done an MRI which did not show anything.
Generally now, I feel like I get the feeling that my eye is "bloated" or hurts a bit, and that I can't really concentrate easily on reading text, in particular on the laptop, I have to concentrate on small areas, and text seems to hurt my eyes because of the contrast which makes it "pop out", and that my head hurts after a few hours of working on a laptop (I try to look away from the screen in the distance every 20 minutes or so), or even when doing normal stuff like just being in the city, with or without glasses.
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New things ...

New things ...
I'm going to start doing some new things. First I want to do a quick round up of things I've been doing recently and responses of those who spam my posts calling me names.
I've tried to make some sort of reasonable progress with these people;

Things I’ve tried to this point;
I tried - Asking who they think it is that was scammed and offering to pay them back if there is any case to be made. I also offer to pay people just for being able to name scam victims.
Response - There were no scam victims to be named. Discussion was never focused on this. It was largely name calling directed against me and changing of the subject.
I tried - Offering to hold a video call with any person or numbers of persons in which they could ask me questions. We could discuss things amicably and make some sort of progress. I offered to record the whole thing so it could be posted for all to see.
Response - This offer was ignored at first. I asked over 10 times and finally I got a reply, “I’ll video chat your dumb gay ass”. I tried to arrange a time and date and there were no further replies.
I tried - Offering to copy trades onto an account which they opened and there was no way I could manipulate. They’d have a record of every single trade I took/posted and be able to show people the real outcome of my trades. I offered to do this for at least 6 months.
Response - Entirely ignored, and continued to speculate that all my trades are losing and if I say otherwise I am lying.
I tried - Setting up an account to track trades and display results publicly. In this account after 900 trades have been made the win rate is almost exactly 35% and the account is profitable. It trends up (losses never going under starting balance). 35% win rate is the specific number I’ve said for 6 months I needed to be profitable - what are the chances I could fake this?
Response - Continue to ignore that the strategy is net profitable and say I am a loser any time there is a single event which is a loss. This can be one down day, sometimes just one down trade and many times the account is actually profitable but it required one update and change of position to achieve this, so my first statement was wrong (And profitability in move ignored).

Results mentioed above.
I'm not going to bother running a demo accout portfolio anymore. I'll set up a real accoutn portfolio for marketing purposes, but I'll leave this accout running. This is a copy of what any one of these people calling me any number of names are welcome to have a free copying account for - all I asked them to do is share the results I generate alongside the stories they generate.
I'll leave this updating (For yrs) for you all to see and remember at all the offer is open to skeptics - I want you to see every single one of my trades, and then tell people the truth. Please do that. Send me a message to get a copying account. Here's a link to the updating account. http://www.myfxbook.com/members/autocopyfx/dean-black-low-risk/6632281
My risk of ruin stats give me a 001% chance of losing 10% because trading the way I am (Based on closed trades) I'd have to lose over 750 trades in a row for that to happen. All of this is entirely consistent with everything I've said over the last 6 months. During the time of this trading the market is up 2%, and I have not lost. I am up 3%. Doing exactly what I say I do.

I’ve done various things to collate results and allow for the objective analysis of these. They have now deleted the content in the Discord servers - apparently if you don’t save backups people delete it. Seems like a strange system to me. But they did tell me when they deleted free training I put there (That people wanted, that was selfish) how they did it and I never bothered to look up what it was/how to fix it.
It seems the more I do to make it possible to move forward amicably the more abuse I get and the more disruptive they aim to become. I won’t get into name calling, but I do not think this is befitting of the values they promote. Nor do I think they have any credibility at this point, but that’s up to the individual.
They justify these things with claims I am clandestinely marketing in the hope of executing some sort of scam and you, dear unsuspecting reader. I’ve tried all the other things I could think of, so I’ll try really marketing products and doing full and transparent displays of the results of my clients and I. See if even running profitable services through regulated partners works.
I really didn’t want to do retail services, but over the last 6 months these people have told endless lies about me. Went on campaigns to spread these lies actively. Alongside these lies posted addresses I assume they believe me to stay at and delete chunks of my work - and I’ve decided I’m going to give them what they ask for. A lot of it. More than they’d have expected.
Since I am now marketing services, I will do live tracking of results on all of the products offered. Everything will be verified by results tracking software.

The New Things

Signals Script.

I’ll come up with a better name, but for now it does what it says on the tin. It’s a script that will display signals for you inside of a MT4 trading platform.

This will come in, at least, three versions.
Version one: A simple script that will display text alert signals inside the MT4 platform. The scripts will be “Use once” and new scripts will be sent out when there are new signas/trade plans. The alerts will give information on highlighted trading opportunities and market conditions. Training on applicable strategies to use in such conditions will be provided.

Version one will have multiple improvements added. Features to automatically tell you what position sizes to use to risk 1% (Calculated by your account size and stop loss) and some other things to make it a bit more user friendly. Trend strength analysis via moving averages, ATR, ADX, RSI will also be added. Signalling strong, medium and weak trends.
Signals inputted will come in two forms. Some will be manually picked signals. This is to say I look at the chart, decide the trade and then these are put into the script to generate this signal. Others will be automated. For example the script may be told to watch a moving average and only generate the, pre-defined, signal if price closes oveunder this level.
Version one will only be an alerts system. You drag and drop it onto the chart, it pings and prints out some information. It’s a testing period. Both to ensure the scripts work properly on the users end and also for people to get a chance to see the performance of the signals generated.
Version two will add the option of semi automation. In version two there will be the option to use scripts that already have the information in them to tell the trading platform to place pending orders. When you drag the script onto the chart there will be a place to pick percentage risk (Set to 1% by default) and an option to ‘Enable live trading’. If you enable live trading and click okay the scripts will then automatically set pending orders risking the percentage you have chosen or the default 1%.
Improvements will probably be made to version two to add a feature where as well as generating the text signals information the script can also set up a chart for you. So for example if the signal was, “Buy a break of the downward trendline”; the script would also be able to draw this trendline on the chart for you.
In the above example this script can also “Watch” the trendline and generate the signal when it breaks giving exact info on enter, stop loss, take profit and position size, but in version two for this to work you’d have to reload the script. Version two has no auto-updating features. In MT4 a script runs once and to run again has to be reloaded by the user.
Version three: Version three will move towards nearly complete automation. In version one market conditions are established and from there what strategies would be best are highlighted. In version two the script can watch different indicators to tell you when interesting things happen and what sort of positions can be placed to risk X%. Version three brings them together..
In version three there are still alerts that talk about what sort of market conditions we may have and the optimum strategy for this, but also provided alongside this there’s auto-trading capabilities. Take our example of a trendline break in version 2, in version 3 every tick the script runs again and can signal the moment it breaks, it can also then place the pre-defined trade.
Different automated trading strategies work in some conditions but very few of them can work in all conditions. So although in some cases these will be able to run profitably for long periods of time these are not entirely “Set and forget” systems. There will be times when one system has to be turned off and alternative systems used.
All three versions will be designed to run in MetaTrader 4 (MT4), which is the mostly widely available free trading platform. Endless brokers offer accounts with MT4. It may or may not be adapted to also work on MT5, but I don’t think many people use that anyway.
Versions one and two will be entirely free services. They are there to let people see for themselves inside their own trading accounts the performance. Demo accounts and can be used and results seen over time. Versions one and two will probably continue to run indefinitely, although after some time mainly by automated signals rather than manual input ones.
In version three I will probably make all the scripts for the auto-trading publicly available to all, but run a subscription service to follow updates on what specific trading patterns I am using in different types of market conditions and the exact settings I have trading different assets. Optimum settings for both low risk and high gain will be tracked.
All the automated trading software will come with settings to set a max loss where it will stop trading and close all trades. This gives you a lot of control over your risk.

PAMM / MAM Accounts.

PAMM and MAM accounts offer fully passive investment. These accounts are run via licenced brokers. The client opens a brokerage account and an agreement is signed between the client and trader to allow trades from the traders account to be copied onto the clients account. Fees are also agreed and these are paid automatically from the broker to the trader.

The structure of these sorts of accounts is there to protect the interests of all parties. Clients want first and foremost to know their money is with a reputable company with appropriate regulation and routes of recourse, should they be required. The traders want to make sure they get paid for the profits generated. Brokers play the intermediary here benefiting all sides.
Agreements are made in the form of Limited Power of Attorney (LPoA). This grants the trader only the ability to send trades to your account. It gives no access to the account itself or money it in. Deposits funds (and profits) can only ever be withdrawn to the entity who deposited it, as per industry standard anti-money laundering laws.
MAM accounts will be used more than PAMM, with PAMM only being used when it’s required. The models are similar in most ways but a MAM account provides more transparity to the client. In a MAM account you can see the exact trades you can do (in real time) and all of the closed trades. PAMM is more like a blackbox. It just displays wins and losses in $ only.
Fees on PAMM / MAM accounts will be 35% performance fees using the High Water Mark (HWM) system. HWM is considered to be the fairest of all the billing structures. In some billing structures if you lose $1,000 one month and gain $500 the next month, this is a +$500 month liable to be billed $175 commissions. This is detrimental to clients profitability.
In the HWM system there are only commissions due once the account makes new all time highs. So if the starting account was $10,000 and it went +$1,000 the HWM is now set at $11,000. Everything under $11,000 and the client account is losing relative to HWM and the trader is not paid. Payments only become active again in a month closed over $11,000.

Training Courses.

I’ll put together some training material on different sorts of strategies and when/how to use them. A lot of this I’ll probably just make publicly available for free. I’ve already disclosed much of the information and it would just be putting it all together in one place. I’ll probably do some paid ones in the niches I think the most lucrative opportunities are.

I think the years ahead my main focus is going to become creating strategies for selling options and using these as an income source. I see a lot of potential in this, especially if it is coupled with a “Babysitting bot” to run automated strategies to hedge the options you’ve sold in an underlying market (Like the futures markets).
I may also do some stuff on how to automate trading strategies. From how to design a strategy, how to write the code (Or outsource this) and how to backtest and optimize the strategy. This is a pretty broad and intimidating topic and not something I’ll be doing in the near future. But this is something there will always be high demand for, so I might do it later.

Over the next 24 hours I'll post a lot of swing analysis and stuff to replace the content that was deleted from the Discord. My plan for this month has always been to wait for the last week of the month and look for weakness. If I see weakness I will start to short aggressively in the month of September. I want to sell SPX on a retest of 3330 (It has to go under there first) and I think this will be sometime next week.
Once I've posted the swing analysis I am going to be very quiet for a few days while I work on putting the foundations of all this together. I'd planned to just keep doing the Discord thing, but they deleted the stuff there and things move on. Now we'll do things that can not be deleted.

You can watch the resultsof my trades during the time I am working quietly and not posting regular updates on my positions here. As soon I start to market services I'll set up live accounts to track these services. Once we're about a year into it I'll start to get all of my investment account audited regularly by one of the Big Four - that'd have been very helpful before.

Here are my current positions.
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Mainfinex: The Panacea to the Future

Mainfinex: The Panacea to the Future


MAINFINEX offers a trusted exchange that crypto traders can use to make informed trades and participate in the cryptocurrency market. At the time of launch, MAINFINEX offers 15 different cryptocurrency pairs, all of which include USDT. The MAINFINEX cryptocurrency exchange offers something for every type of trader, regardless of experience level. Beginners will appreciate the intuitive interface and the fact that MAINFINEX uses Tradingview charts, which have numerous online tutorials for guidance. Advanced traders will appreciate the hundreds of drawing tools, the vast quantity of indicators, and high level of customization for charts.
Challenges faced by cryptocurrency exchanges today:
● Failure to apply global financial practices, and poor interface
● Large number of exchanges with little differentiation which complicates the choice of platform for operations
● Large number of unsuccessful traders losing money
● Pain points that are still there.

Our understanding of the needs of the key trading parties in digital exchanges comes down to the concept “Traders seek liquidity and investors need profitability.”
  1. Liquidity and profitability
A mechanism we could build in to solve the problems of traders and long-term investors based on the exchange policy related to
trading fees:
  • Flexible interest rate depending on the volume, thus reducing the trading fee. The more activity in a trading section, the cheaper it is for that section
  • Fees reduced in case of severe price deviation. To reduce volatility and slippage and thus increase liquidity, market-making traders creating liquidity will be charged at a lower rate. The increase in volumes triggered by the reduced fee in case of price deviation will help smoothen out volatility.
  1. Reliability
Traders bearing losses have a regressive fee scale depending on the volume of the loss. This mechanism serves to mitigate the consequences of unfavorable deals for a trader.
  1. Sustainability “Back to the battle” Traders who have lost money but made it to the daily TOP 100 based on the volume will receive tokens compensating all the fees they paid or part of the losses. This will help stimulate liquidity in the exchange and create best cryptocurrency market conditions for arbitrage funds. Such funds account for up 80% of transaction in fiat exchanges.
  2. Concept: gaming elements of the exchange, buttons, etc. “Titles and statuses” With the emergence of cryptocurrencies, the world of finance has been transformed. It has to be clear and relevant for our users since the key audience of the exchange is 25-38 years old. Which means they played DOOM 2 when they were school students (in 1994). Why can’t we give simple names to complex financial instruments? It was the stunts and dirty tricks that guys in suits from investment banks played that eventually caused the mortgage crisis. We have selected the most popular financial instruments that we can provide. They can be understood and activated in one click. We have chosen simple names for them:
● "Forecast”
This button activates an analytical indicator used by most profitable traders
● "Call for help”
Activates a trading robot that will close transactions for you based on algorithms. Trading robots will be provided by successful third party funds
● "Stop me”
Block trading activity for two days. This is a mechanism that successful traders recommend to newbies. Breaks in trading activity help increase the accuracy of decisions and overall profitability
● "Join the group”
This function lets the user transfer money to a pool of professional traders. Similar to PAMM accounts in forex companies
● “Saving up for retirement”
10% from each profitable transaction will be automatically transferred to the annual/call deposit. Many experienced traders who work for themselves do not care about savings because trading is a constant source of big income. Having such a long-term deposit is one of the key ways to ensure security and can even save a family in the bad times
● “Work for us”
Traders without substantial deposits but with free working hours can make money by performing important tasks for the exchange, like in Amazon Mechanical Turk
● “Vanity fair”
Most successful traders may share their divine trading strategies in a master class for traders, with payment in our tokens.
  1. To benefit from certain options like the trading robot or funds management, users will be required to perform specific actions, e.g.: Purchasing exchange tokens. Equivalent free options: e.g., reposting our news daily throughout a month, which will also help expand the user’s subscriber base.
  2. Purchasing liquidity from “mini exchanges”
A partner exchange that will provide liquidity for trading in our exchange or display our depth of market diagram on its website will receive all the relevant fees collected in our tokens. This is how this mechanism works. Mini exchanges have a permanent audience of traders creating liquidity but due to the small volumes, the mutual liquidity among the participants is low and transactions are infrequent. This is a case of “the chicken or the egg” problem. The more users there are, the more frequently the transactions occur between the same users. Accordingly, a mini exchange will be able to increase the volume of fees collected by 3-4 times by using this opportunity.
  1. IEO sale
A shopping cart with all kinds of tokens. Includes both potentially successful and unsuccessful coins that cannot afford to pay the listing fee on their own. We collect the entire pool in a cart and sell it as one portfolio at a greatly reduced price. This gives unsuccessful ICO projects an opportunity to return part of the invested funds. And the users buying such assets at a rate below the cost level have more chances of profiting from price growth. The higher risk of unsuccessful projects in the portfolio compensated by the low price and the potentially high profitability is the key incentive.
  1. Exchange Tutorial
Just like in complex computer games such as urban construction simulators or turn-based strategies, at the first stage the player is taught how to use the game’s functionalities before he starts playing it in the full mode. Finance and cryptocurrencies have never been simple. Every individual financial instrument is based on a complex concept. The simplicity of starting to trade cryptocurrencies and the lack of regulation in the market result in a situation when most traders lose their money and investments. The tutorial works the same simple way, providing prompts on the sequence of the steps in the exchange. We will cooperate with several financial regulators to improve this instrument in order to develop new instruments that will help mitigate the risk of losses for each individual trader. At the end, many of the regulators’ tasks come down to managing the consequences of the great financial gap between trading parties.

Information correct at time of going to type. For updated information, go to Mainfinex Exchange web platform (Mainfinex Exchange website).
Note: In the event of conflict between this information and the information on the Mainfinex Exchange Website, the information on the Mainfinex Exchange Website will prevail.
Here, I present to you Mainfinex- The Future of Cryptocurrency Exchange, Mainfinex!!!
Mainfinex Exchange website
Mainfinex Exchange WhitePaper
ETH Address: 0x49d576e54C78e17E4451E7eF9f1d9C8e55360661
Email Address: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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Geco.one is a multi-exchange trading platform with PAMM accounts the facility, where traders are ready to do all the hard work for you

Another sector facing a real threat from cryptocurrencies and the new funding model they have spawned venture capital. If issuing a token through an ICO can generate millions of dollars in only hours after a new symbol is offered for public purchase (a situation which is not uncommon), startups don’t need to jump through the hoops typically required to get VC funding. Furthermore, in the crypto-capital universe, blockchain startups don’t need to relinquish full ownership of their companies or worry about eventual Shareholders are bossing them around. Instead of demanding business plans, VCs may eventually need to develop a business plan of their own to stay competitive. Geco.one is a multi-exchange trading platform with PAMM accounts the facility, where traders are ready to do all the hard work for you. Traders will be able to create an endless number of PAMM accounts making opportunities for an investor to profit from their skills and hard work. Thanks to a connection with multiple exchanges, traders can run several PAMM accounts on different platforms simultaneously without any disruption. PAMM is a platform that allows the professional trader to work with your money and make you a profit without the demand for your constant attention, eliminating any mental or physical stress related to investment in the crypto market. Traders don’t have access to investors’ money. They cannot withdraw it at any point.
However, the profit made after a trading session is shared between the trader and the investor using the designated percentage share stated from the onset by the PAMM trader.
A significant number of additional tools is made available for all users of Geco.one PAMM trading platform. Features like marginal trading, funding from multiple investors, complex PAMM account merging options to name a few, making it the most comprehensive set of tools for trading cryptocurrencies on numerous exchanges. Experts recognise the magnitude of possibilities and use Geco.one regularly. Investors gain all the data necessary to be able to assess the traders and managers at the tips of their fingers. Features like overall score, consistency, style of trading are just a few of the broad spectrum of the possible analysing mechanism.
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Geco.one is a platform that enables you to securely invest in the cryptocurrency market using the skills and knowledge of experienced traders

Another sector facing a real threat from cryptocurrencies and the new funding model they have spawned venture capital. If issuing a token through an ICO can generate millions of dollars in only hours after a new symbol is offered for public purchase (a situation which is not uncommon), startups don’t need to jump through the hoops typically required to get VC funding. Furthermore, in the crypto-capital universe, blockchain startups don’t need to relinquish full ownership of their companies or worry about eventual Shareholders are bossing them around. Instead of demanding business plans, VCs may eventually need to develop a business plan of their own to stay competitive. Geco.one is a platform that enables you to securely invest in the cryptocurrency market using the skills and knowledge of experienced traders. Our flagship service called PAMM trading account, allows you to invest in cryptocurrency pairs by entrusting resources to experienced traders as well as providing you with all the tools necessary to become crypto-trader yourself. Imagine giving your money to a trader so he can make a profit for you when he makes one for himself introducing PAMM by Geco.one. Use our tools to analyse the history of failures and successes of any trader in a chosen period and a specific area of your interest. You can choose the trader’s account, and give him the ability to invest your money together with his own. You can stop your investment’s any time you want.
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Geco.one platform is a place where you have access to extensive knowledge supported by our experts’ in many areas such as investment, crypto-economics, and analysis of trader psychology

Forex, Stock market and ven- tures are all markets for trad- ing, but the procedures, means, and systems of trading are far different from one another; de- terminant of profitability also differs. Large firms are unable to manipulate the shares in the stock market easily, and ven- tures are affected by various factors which may be difficult to foresee logically. The extreme li- quidity of the currency on forex, coupled with leverage that pro- pels the market’s rapid growth, makes it the perfect platform for many traders. Forex offers a form of over the counter market that runs for 24 hours of the day. It makes trading to go on quick- er during regular working hours in different countries. Geco.one platform provides the platform where you have full control over the most critical issues related to investment in the cryptocurrency market by providing the highest security level of transactions through our PAMM system.
One of the main features is a precise trader ranking based on multiple factors like risk management strategies and the history of every transaction made. Geco.one platform is a place where you have access to extensive knowledge supported by our experts’ in many areas such as investment, crypto-economics, and analysis of trader psychology.
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Here's what's good in Miami this weekend

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News Update - 08.02.18

1) Do you remember the B2BX Roadmap? Of course you do! Our company reputation, White Paper and Roadmap are the aspects most ICO participants pay attention to.
The roadmap for the B2BX ICO included options for action depending on the amount of funds collected.
🔥 Now it's time to present the actual B2BX development plan!
The B2BX Roadmap: https://medium.com/@b2brokeb2broker-past-present-future-f2876c406a7c
We marked on the map the most important events for the company, not just plans for 2018-2019, but a short review of the past. The most important events of the future, of course, are obtaining licenses, developing our own technologies and opening offices in strategically important locations on the financial map of the world. All this brings us closer to the moment when B2BX becomes Prime Broker in the market of cryptocurrency liquidity! Full version on Medium.
2) Integration with ONEZERO
We ordered the placement on servers of Equinix - LD4. This data center hosts the largest European banks and brokers. Given that B2BX will have a cross-connect with liquidity providers, the speed of obtaining prices from providers and the speed of execution of orders will be as high as possible! New working conditions with OneZero will reduce the cost of services for our customers and increase our attractiveness for new customers. Recall that in B2BX will be able to nominate margin accounts in any currency, including cryptocurrencies.
There is also the possibility of accepting a B2B coin with zero commission. We have started integration with 10 merchants and have begun to develop a site for B2B coin, which will accumulate information about all crypto-brokers, exchanges and other customers that will start to accept the B2B coin for payment. As we launch each merchant, we will send out a newsletter. We have also implemented the support of tokens based on Ethereum standard ERC20. Now every merchant can start receiving any token/coin issued on the Ethereum platform. Please note that if you have a website, an online store, a broker company, crypto-exchange or a marketplace, and you want to expand payment methods you should connect B2Broker crypto gateway. To do this, you just need to select the cryptocurrencies from the list that you want to accept (BTC, BCC, ETH, LTC, DASH, XMR, B2B, BTG (bitcoin gold) and hundreds of tokens released on the Ethereum platform), provide purse addresses and make an easy integration with your site. In just an hour your customers will be able to pay for goods or services using cryptocurrency with low commission rates every day, free installation, no monthly fee, no freeze period, no banks and no any third intermediaries.
To date, this product is used by 11 brokers, two of which have become our customers this year. The investment platform allows brokers to popularize cryptocurrency trading products while customers have the opportunity to subscribe to the signals of professional traders and earn. Also for professional traders it is possible to create PAMM accounts or portfolios of cryptocurrencies. The IT department has redesigned the back-end platform to make the MT5 work more stable.
5) Work with clients
The B2Broker account department adjusts business processes to improve operational efficiency. For example, improving the interaction with the development department will positively affect the speed of working with customers. Of course, the number of our employees is growing, but we understand that without optimizing business processes, we can not build an effective company! We are expanding the product line and preparing knowledge bases to quickly train employees.
Our clients comprise 72 companies, 25 of which use B2Broker’s cryptocurrency solutions!
The team is also developing new standards of service which will correspond to the status of Prime Broker.
To date, our platform for ICO has benefited 4 companies. Of course, all payments go through our crypto gateway leaving these companies to concentrate on their marketing. Such a collaboration has proved its effectiveness. Large ICOs prefer this model, choosing a solution that is ready, tested and constantly updated. A demo version is available by clicking on the link.
Oh, and by the way!
This week in Finance Magnates there was a press release about the opening of office in Malaysia. https://www.financemagnates.com/forex/technology/b2broker-extends-asian-expansion-malaysian-office/
🔜 In mid-May, a summit on blockchain technology will take place in New York. https://www.coindesk.com/events/consensus-2018/sponsors/
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Not looking good for BTC-e users...

For those of you not aware, the long-running Bitcoin and altcoin exchange BTC-e (btc-e.com) has been down since approximately 11am UTC 2017-07-25.
There has been little communication from their Twitter account @btcecom on what they describe as "unscheduled maintenance". Their last tweet was ~12 hours ago at the time of writing.
The website has been spitting out 522s for the duration, APIs are down and now the latest development shows that their PAMM service subdomain (https://pamm.btc-e.com) is throwing 404s - this was still accessible until a few hours ago.
There have been reports of large quantities of coins tumbling their way through many wallets in and around the times that the exchange has been downed. Coincidence? Perhaps, but it cannot be ignored.
While BTC-e has been a stalwart within the crypto exchange community, known for being somewhat unconventional, the information up until now suggests that things are looking bleak for their active users holding funds on the exchange at the time, myself included.
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Hermitcraft UHC Season 2 Episode 3

Season 2 is here! No regen potions, nether is on and limited branch mining is allowed. Shrinking borders 2000 to 300 over the course of three hours. They are utilizing Technicube's UHC Box highlighted by Xisuma. SimplySarc is a guest player for this UHC. Check out his channel here.
This season's intro is by Spumwack. Marriland's current channel can be found here.
Tinfoilchef- Dead
Light blue:
ViewSync courtesy of monohymn. Spoilers Below!
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What stations should I build? Where?

It's my first time playing X3 (Albion Prelude), I've logged over 50 hours on an Argon Peacekeeper start (I now fly a Centaur), and I'm trying to accumulate wealth so I can eventually have my own fleet.
So far, the stock exchange is the only truly profitable activity I have undertaken. I now have about 20 million credits, which I have mostly accumulated from gambling on the stock exchange for an hour or two. It is so simple and safe (I buy stocks at minimum and sell when they increase by 4-10 credits) it pretty much discourages me from doing anything else. Since it is pretty monotonous I have decided to be an industrialist.
I built a farm in Omicron Lyrae, where there is a high demand for delexian wheat. This turned out to be a very bad idea, as the sector is under constant siege (before I kept my lasertower on monitor, the Terrans would send two Osakas in as soon as I left), so my Mercury gets destroyed whenever it tries to buy energy cells from Nyana's Hideout. 1) Does anyone here have trade routes that pass through Omicron Lyrae? What kind of escort do you need?
I embarked on a long journey to the Argon core worlds, where I built an ore mining complex in Antigone Memorial. However, production exceeds regional demand, and automated traders bring in lacklustre lucre. 2) Should I sell ore or build stations that could use it? What should I produce?
Wow, these are great responsees, I really appreciate everyone's input.
I will keep karmavorous's ideas in mind until I have more credits: building self-sufficient complexes isn't within my means right now. Especially in M148 where the local SPP just... disappeared.
I'll program a few universe traders, like thecrazing suggested, but right now I am still placing satellites here and there (universe traders need these to function, right?). Also, is it true that the "only sectors with satellites" command only works with Advanced Satellites?
As for now, I have completed two NPC missions to build weapon factories in Antigone Memorial, but they don't offer much for ore, and the nearby equipment dock has a full stock of their products. I have four Mercury CAGs running the complex, and I still have to manually order them to sell the stuff, as they haven't leveled up enough to do it themselves. How much time will it take for them to reach that second CAG rank?
I'll let it run a bit, and in the meantime I'll scout for sectors with a high demand for ore, but I think I'll have to improve my relations with the Teladi before I can follow pamme's suggestion.
I now have 40 million credits (up from 20 when I originally posted this). But don't get your hopes up it all comes from perusing the stock exchange while traveling. My sector traders have steadily built up my reputation with the races they were trading with, but the Trader Info shows their earnings are in the red. I don't think I'll be making any more of them. Their software costs half a million, and I need to wait an undetermined but apparently very long amount of time before they are actually useful.
I now have four stations/complexes. The Wheat Farm (baby's first station) in Omicron Lyrae is unreachable by unescorted transposts, and thus inactive (and its lasertower comes under attack every two minutes). One day I will use my tractor beam to ram a Terran M1 with it. The 180 yield Ore Complex in Antigone Memorial has been granted a few more transports ("Sell at best price"), but demand is still quite low in the region. I have built a wheat farm in Senator's Badlands to supply the Space Fuel Distilleries in Weaver's Tempest (Cloud Base East's Mammoth couldn't make it any further... I wonder if he'll respawn...) and it is going well for now (see the Yaki Alliance thread posted by karmavorous). And I have also followed pamme's suggestion to build an Ore Complex in Ianamus Zura. I have four Mercuries (two for each SPP in Homily of Perpetuity) supplying it through CLS, three selling its ware ("sell for best price" again), usually at 110 to 130 credits, one supplying the Sun Oil Refineries in New Income with Sunrise Flowers, and two more selling Sun Oil to the factories in Ianamus Zura. Eventually I might have to add more transports to sell energy, as well as the finished goods to equipment docks to keep everything rolling. X3 is a bit strange, it's as if the factories weren't managed or directed at all, as if they were just passive black boxes awaiting input and discharge of output: imagine if in real life transportation companies managed the entire supply-side of the economy. Anyway, despite my efforts my Complex (two L Ore Mines of 42 and 39 yield) is producing a lot more than the nearby factories can buy, so I'm not sure how much time it'll take for it to break even. I suppose there is not much else I can do if I already manage all the input and output of the factories.
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One week in June, SoBe + Keys. Help me with itinerary?

Hi guys I’m going to Miami for the first time in early June for one week with my partner. I've organized some sort of itinerary after lots of googling.
We’re mid to late 30s living in London-UK and just want to eat good foods, drink, walk on the beach, drive down then up the Keys for a few days, chill. Not crazy about clubs or tourist attractions.
As a regular of /london I appreciate how getting these questions can be annoying. But there are some free gaps in my current list and maybe you can recommend something.
Here’s what I have so far:
3 nights (sat/sun/mon) in South Beach. Activities including: brunch, lots of beach and pool time, dinner at Bazaar, then get a scooter and explore north of there (Surfside? Bal Harbour Shops? just random drives?) Anything else we should do?
• Get a rental car and drive south to the keys, spend 2 nights at Islamorada. Potential activities: diving, boat trips, local waterfront restaurants etc. More chill.
Thursday to Saturday we have nothing booked, want to play by ear. Potentially one night in Key West but rooms online are super pricey for 1 night only.
• Saturday night: Back to Miami Beach, final night at the Standard. Relax at pool and spa, go to Wynwood, PAMM, go for dinner, check out and fly home the next day.
So I guess my questions are:
1) Key West - worth spending a night or two? Would it be OK to arrive with no accommodation pre-booked? Would it even get busy on a Thursday in early to mid June? (It seems like a boozy sort of place so I didn’t want to drive in and out for quick visit)
2) 3 nights in Miami Beach at the start + 1 night at the end – is this enough time to go around Miami or should we spend the 2 free days (Thu/Fri) back there instead of the Keys? (I considered Everglades too, is it fun to drive to/from it?)
3) Renting a scooter for 24 hours to ride around Miami Beach, is it worth it? Would you recommend it? Is it normal or crazy to ride around other parts of Miami on it? Oh the final day or two in Miami with the rental car, any areas we should explore?
4) Any other areas like Wynwood (is it still a thing? Google tells me it’s an art district) that we should check out, or others tourist-friendly we should avoid?
Thanks all!
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Hermitcraft UHC Rewatch Season 2 Episode 3

Welcome back to Hermitcraft UHC Rewatch we will be covering season 2 this time around.
These posts will be posted every other night at 12pm Eastern Time (nights that I don't post Hermitcraft Daily). If there is a new Hermitcraft UHC I'll merge this post and Hermitcraft Daily during that time to avoid any confusion (I'll be sure to remind if this does happen). After we finish a season we will take a break for a bit.

Info (Copied from S2E1 post by doodlebugboodles)

Season 2 is here! No regen potions, nether is on and limited branch mining is allowed. Shrinking borders 2000 to 300 over the course of three hours. They are utilizing Technicube's UHC Box highlighted by Xisuma. SimplySarc is a guest player for this UHC. Check out his channel here.
This season's intro is by Spumwack. Marriland's current channel can be found here.

Previous Episodes

Hermitcraft UHC Season 2 Episode 1
Hermitcraft UHC Season 2 Episode 2


Light blue:
[Juicetra](No video)
Inter-team ViewSync
Spoilers Below!
Enjoy guys.
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pamm br - YouTube Pam Pam - YouTube RawOG420 - YouTube Pim Pam Trucu Trucu - 10 horas (Cangrejitos) - YouTube Dr Pam With Friends - 5-10-15 Hours Dan + Shay & Justin Bieber - 10.000 Hours AB WORKOUT ... Pamm Pauley - YouTube

PAMM is a service that allows traders to manage funds of many investors on a single trading account. Do you want to know what a PAMM account is and how you can earn by investing in Forex? Home; Home. About Forex. Forex Market Hours. About Forex, Forex Finance, Forex Money, Forex Strategies, Forex Traders, Forex Trading Stories, How Forex Works, What Forex Is 30.03.2020 admin forex live news ... “PAM’s key objective in the negotiations, removal of the competitiveness pact hours, was achieved. For employees this was an absolute precondition for reaching a new collective agreement”, says PAM’s collective bargaining specialist Markku Saikkonen and continues “We also managed to improve the position of employees who have only been in the sector for a short time if they have to ... The Golden Hours is Anna Monet's classic, and earliest style that has remained a favorite and is still evolving in its many color variations. Verdigris or ‘green of Greece’ is a dazzling form of metallic pigmentation used since the Middle Ages to give metals a bluish-green patina through a process called atmospheric ox The Caribbean Cultural Institute (CCI) is a curatorial and research platform at Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) that promotes th e art of the Caribbean and its d iasporas through scholarship, exhibitions, fellowships, public programs, and collection development. Building on PAMM’s longstanding engagement with the region, these initiatives strengthen and enrich the museum’s collection, while ... Games (configured to use PAM) are only to be accessed out of working hours. This rule does not apply to the user waster: games ; * ; !waster ; Wd0000-2400 Wk1800-0800 6.34.8. AUTHOR. pam_time was written by Andrew G. Morgan <[email protected]>. Prev Up Next: 6.33. pam_tally2 - login counter (tallying) module ... Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) is a modern and contemporary art museum dedicated to collecting and exhibiting international art of the 20th and 21st centuries. pamm.org T 305 375 3000 [email protected] @pamm PAMM has implemented new hours of operation and safety precautions, including one-way paths and hand-sanitizing stations. Face masks covering the mouth and nose are required for all visitors and staff. Read more informatiom below about how you can prepare for your visit.

[index] [27565] [29115] [16214] [21964] [29280] [20552] [29869] [16421] [6033] [3272]

pamm br - YouTube

Song Workout No. 2 :) // Werbung This is a rather slow (BUT VERY INTENSE) ab workout. I think it's perfect if you struggle to keep up with my longer ab worko... Original creado por: https://twitter.com/perritoo_ Like si encontraste el Easter Egg Meet our PAMMily member and resident DJ Phaxas. Emerging from her involvement as a sound engineer and shortly thereafter as a performer for an nationally touring live electronic act, Phaxas has ... Tabata Workout with Pamm - Duration: 1 hour, 3 minutes. 214 views; 1 month ago ; 14:08. Beach abs with Pamm - Duration: 14 minutes, 8 seconds. 27 views; 1 month ago; 11:18. Upper body workout with ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Pamm's House Toddler & Preschool Curriculum - Duration: 0:31. Pamm C 129 views. 0:31. Home Daycare Room Tour - Duration: 10:32. The Mentoring Mom Recommended for you. 10:32. Preschool Curriculum ... Transmissão ao vivo de pamm br. No views; 1 month ago; historias. No views; 1 month ago; 36:34. Sever the hive - Duration: 36 minutes. 15 views; 3 months ago ; 12:09. Nova série 1#dead city ... Dr Pam with Friends performing 5-10-15 Hours at Mälarsalen, Stockholm, December 2016. Karoline Petterson, Vocals Pontus Olsson, Piano Niklas Carlson, Trumpet Johan Olsen, Double Bass Peter ... Provided to YouTube by Believe SASPam Pam · Azet, ZunaSuper Plus℗ KMN Gang under exclusive license to Groove AttackReleased on: 2019-03-08Author: Ghassan Ramlaw... 18+ Just enjoying my life with cannabis, and sharing my experience. Business Inquiries: [email protected]